A Thank you letter from AT3 (AW) Kenny

For The Troops received a wonderful Thank you from AT3 (AW) Kenny.

To Paula Cornell & Volunteers at For The Troops:

I would like to thank you and your very generous volunteers for one of the
best care packages received! My work-center onboard the USS Harry S. Truman
were very grateful and surprised at the effort put into the goodies. We work
in AIMD, division IM3 onboard the ship where we work as intermediate level
maintenance technicians.

As it stands… our Carrier Air Wing SEVEN have expended over 1 million pounds
of ordnance in support of Operation Inherent Resolve. I also see that your
group is located in Simi Valley, CA! My group of sailors that have embarked
aboard the USS Harry S. Truman are originally based out of Point Mugu, CA,
which is about 40-45 minutes away!

Thank you again so much for the “We Care” package. It definitely uplifted our
spirits and reminded me of home. I do not know how my brother was able to get
a hold of ya’ll, possibly on Facebook, but thank you for everything that you
do! Cheers!

Very Respectfully,
AT3 (AW) Kenny
AIMD/IM-3/Shop 5
Fleet Readiness Center Southwest Detachment Point Mugu
Embarked aboard USS Harry S. Truman CVN-75

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